My Story



My personal story is an evolution which has taken me from barely surviving to living an extraordinary life.  

Employing the same strategies that I teach, I transformed my small hidden disorganized life of shame into an abundant purposeful life.

My insights regarding this work have emerged from a life long dedication to better understanding the human experience from multiple lenses. 

With over 20 years in recovery, I engaged in clinical research with Buddhist Studies. My experience also includes an extensive background in theater arts, behavioral economics, wealth management and financial planning expertise. 

However, gathering professional knowledge alone didn't give me access to an organizing framework to launch and receive a thriving life.  It wasn't until 10 years ago, I was buried by unresolved childhood trauma. 

I was broken, disorganized and barely surviving life.  I had to dive deep into trauma research and treatment.  I learned how to access my creative resources to integrate my professional skills into my life powerfully.   

As a certified life coach, I have engineered a dynamic coaching platform for people to come out of hiding and organize new lives. 

I am the creator and founder of Untangle & Thrive, a company dedicated to providing individuals with the tools they need to increase capacity to connect and thrive in the world.  

I have created: The Untangling Method, Stop Under-earning & Under-being, Re-organize A Recovery Mindset, and Untangle Your Life & Home~ Room by Room

The approach that sets me apart from other coaches is my insight into the properties of imagination and the role of the inner mindset in shaping ones external circumstances.  

Maintaining an unwavering focus to my mission of helping people everywhere get out of hiding, I have designed a unique Untangle & Thrive Life Skills Program.  

This unique format merges every aspect of organizing a successful life:  dynamic life skills with time, calendar, critical needs., restructuring limited fixed paradigms, developing vulnerability and visibility, as well as my 3 Step Method of Untangling for any cluttered area in life.   

“Being aware of my own power to transform my brokenness into meaningful achievement was the beginning of an expansive, fulfilling life.  I want to help others who are seeking a deep sense of freedom, connection and accomplishment.”  

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