My Story



My personal story is an evolution which has taken me from barely surviving to living an extraordinary life. Employing the same strategies that I teach, I transformed my small hidden disorganized life of shame into an abundant purposeful life. 

My insights regarding this work have emerged from a life long dedication to better understanding the human experience from multiple lenses. My diverse professional skills integrated dynamically to engineer this untangling platform: life skill programs I designed with renowned trauma psychiatrists provided an experimental framework, clinical research in Buddhist studies provided a neuroscience and mindfulness framework, financial expertise in wealth management provided a systems framework, artistic training in imaginative craft and sensorial endowment provided a creative framework. The synergies of my expertise have profoundly fused together to design this unique coaching platform. 

My approach is client centered and holistic. I believe strongly in meeting a client where they are, and supporting them in deciphering how to achieve success. My goal is to the see others reach their goals utilizing a variety of supportive interventions, resources and emphatic style of clinically informed coaching. My approach is informed by a combination of evidenced bases modalities and rooted in my knowledge of neuroscience, coaching and neurolinguistics, mindfulness, CBT and motivational interviewing.

I am the creator and founder of Untangle & Thrive, a company dedicated to providing individuals with the tools they need to increase capacity to connect and thrive in the world.  I have created: The Untangling Method, Stop Under-earning & Under-being, Re-organize A Recovery Mindset, and Untangle Your Life & Home~ Room by Room. In addition to offering one-on-one coaching intensives and group programs, I partner with medical directors, psychiatrists, and health care professionals to build comprehensive life skills programs for individuals recovering from addiction, trauma or life changes.

My innovative techniques have earned a widespread Clientele, from the boardroom to the bedroom and from crippling addictions to freedom. I have one job: to show people a new way to connect and thrive.

The approach that sets me apart from other coaches is my insight into the properties of imagination to utilize creative skills to expand resourceful connection, organize critical needs and restore trustful belonging. Maintaining an unwavering focus to my mission of helping people get out of hiding, I have designed a unique Untangle & Thrive Life Skills Program.  I have systematized a method to make it easily understood and applicable.  Merging neuroscience with artistry of craft I engineered the art of untangling. to help my clients organize resourcefully to achieve the goals they desire.       

“Being aware of my own power to transform my brokenness into meaningful achievement was the beginning of an expansive, fulfilling life. I want to help others who are seeking a deep sense of freedom, connection and accomplishment.”

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