Untangle Your Victim Mindset

Untangle Your Victim Mindset


Your victim mindset drives emotional disorganization.

When people feel powerless, helpless and disavowed, they want to FEEL control in their life.

They turn to controlling behaviors driven by rage, fear and power. These lead to chaotic thinking and un-resourceful behavior.

Here is my take……

People interested in an organized empowered state require emotional mastery.

A victim relationship around work, money, time, and relationships must be restructured within an integrated framework of learning.

Victim states disrupt our internal organization and drive emotional disorganization, addiction and co-dependency.


The first problem……

The victim mindset personalizes everything. This mindset processes experiences into old wounded sensations. 

My clients become hijacked, enslaved to their emotional disorganization, creating a powerless overwhelm.

Shame over how little they can control drives a terrified dependency which pollutes their sense of worthiness.


The problems I see over and over...... 

Over the last decade, I have coached complex recovery cases, workaholic CEOs, A list actors and everyday moms.

My clients attack their problems with the same mindset which initially created their problems.

Overwhelmed, powerless experiences initiated a punitive FIX it approach. They go to exhaustive measure to fix themselves or they act out on the person in retribution.

This is often where we begin untangling.

Harsh punitive strategies compound victimization. They unleash disorganized power to starved individuals trying to assert dominance. Is this ever, really a win?

No, it enslaves us, breaking us from new ways to organize. It buries us in shame. It forces us to hide and employ manipulative strategies.

When our reactivity is creating a lot of noise, we block access to meaningful connection. It is a battle of misery which is exhausting and isolating!

We need to learn how to bring more of ourselves into our triggering, victimized areas.

We need to engineer a new mindset to bring together a resourceful organizing structure. Emotional mastery is a skill we can all learn.


Untangling a victim mindset opens radical new possibilities in my client’s life.


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Angela McKinney, a nationally recognized mindset and recovery coach, helps people UNTANGLE suffering states and activate freedom. In addition to offering one-on-one coaching intensives and online group programs, Angela partners with medical directors and psychiatrists to build Home programs for individuals recovering from addiction, life changes and trauma.