Does Visibility Terrify You?  IF so, this Untangling Blog is for YOU  

Here is the thing about fear of visibility issues…..they suck!   They are exhausting, anxiety-provoking and annihilate resourceful connection.   

People who have suffered childhood developmental trauma are most vulnerable to experience this terror around becoming visible.  

The experts say developmental trauma is “invisible” to adults. These adults are unable to provide comfort and soothing relief to the child’s symptoms- because they CAN’T see it.  

What was “invisible” to your caretakes becomes a nightmarish journey around your own visibility.    

In my work with complex trauma cases, the unseen trauma seems to be the big PINK elephant in the room. Many people don’t understand how to treat it.  

Stress symptoms range from PTSD, depression, anxiety, learning problems. They are the basis around addictions, underearning, social and sexual disorders, as well as, chronic physical health problems.

Trauma blocks connection sets up rigid systems and dulls experience. It destroys trust, organizes destructive behaviors, compartmentalizes identities, recreates trauma bonding and can reduce life expectancy by 20 years!  

Trauma creates small, isolated lives to gather a modicum of control over the horrible triggering world.  

Trauma survivors convince themselves it is easier to be small and invisible.  This feels safe.  Joining the bigger world, fear of being seen, and getting larger in life has terrifying associations!   

Trauma triggers are like living in quicksand, the ground below feels like it is devouring your life.  

Become visible holds a golden key to unlock old trauma associations and restore the meaningful connection.    

Disorganization drives chaos and vagueness.  When we take a simple step, like the one I ask in the masterclass workshop HERE, we get access to UNTANGLING.  

Untangling is an artistry which allows us to work with congested triggers to integrate a practice that allows us to be with them in new resourceful ways.  

My clients YEARN to get rid of their triggers. Their solution is to deprive themselves of certain desires in a desperate attempt to eliminate uncomfortable triggers.   Believe, me I get it!  

However, it isn’t until we increase our capacity to connect resourcefully with our triggers do we get the relief we are looking for!  

I have worked decades to better understand suffocating trauma bonding experiences:  I have helped my clients stabilize them, untangle them and build a life while breaking their vicious cycle.  

I have learned to bring myself to visibility; earning, loving, having sex, building a community and gathering A VOICE to house my needs, wants and desires in meaningful ways.   

I help my clients do the same!    

If you would like to receive my free Masterclass Workshop on how to Untangle Triggers, sign up here: HERE.


Angela McKinney, a nationally recognized mindset, and recovery coach helps people UNTANGLE suffering states and activate freedom. In addition to offering one-on-one coaching intensives and online group programs, Angela partners with medical directors and psychiatrists to build Home programs for individuals recovering from addiction, life changes, and trauma.