Untangle Your Life

Room By Room


Home is the birthplace of all our connections.  The source of our "home connection" is integral to each of us. Our outer world reflects our internal world.  

An impaired capacity for connection is the hidden dimension underlying most broken states.  By learning how to work with stressed reactive patterns, we can begin the process of re-organizing into connection.  

Well-being emerges when we create connection in our lives.  Once we become accurately connected, the possibilities of transforming our experience into thriving states is endless.  


A dynamic 6 Month Home Program which connects small private groups across the country to work together to de-clutter their homes and untangle their lives. 

A Program that offers a tremendous opportunity to restructure our intimate systems from the ground floor up and belong to your HOME in profound new ways.  

I have designed a program based on a book I conceived 18 years ago.  The idea behind this book lays the structural groundwork for the program.  

My personal experience employing this work combined with helping others rehouse themselves into healthy worlds is the actualization of this program.  

Examining each room furnishes a rich opportunity to untangle and de-clutter the broken thoughts and beliefs that rob us of meaningful connection. Rehousing and organizing meaningful connections is the powerful journey of home.  

This Creative Life Changing Program will be conducted over 6 months.  Each month will have a different focus but will be threaded into the actual Developmental Phase of the Work:  

Month 1: 

Building an Integrated Growth Foundation

We all need a healthy, dynamic integrated floor to build a life of fulfillment. This is a critical core need for our well-being and happiness.  


Month 2:

Decluttering the Past, Integrating

Many times our "clutter" is subscribing to our old sabotaging belief systems which block us from more expansive connection.   

Month 3:      

Self-Care -Vanity, Bathroom, Kitchen, Food & Celebrations

Our food stories are some of our earliest connection to soothing, nourishment and love. Once disrupted they can create of confusion, reaction and chaos.   

Food stories can drive us into isolation and create brokenness in our thinking, creating cycles that have driven us into either stuffing and/or starving modes entangling us in shame, hiding and suffering.  Food stories can also drive a distorted relationship to our self image through over exercising or disconnecting from any exercise at all.  

Month 4:  

Sex & Love

This program is designed with the basic understanding that homes built on weak foundations don't hold up very well during a storm.  Sex & Love are powerful desired states.   

These desire states can be like Hurricanes, Tsunamis and/ or Droughts. Many times we confuse sexual desired states to mean love. This month we will untangle any messages which block our ability to integrate sexual desire with love connection.  

Extreme States typically ping pong within each structure and hold similar messaging.  What is important is NOT to confuse anorexic starving states as GOOD because you are NOT out of control! You will learn how to integrate sexual desires within a unique intimacy framework. 

Month 5:

Money, Earning & Spending

Untangling Our Personal Money Story, earning stories or purpose stories will be the focus. Our money stories and our sex stories many times hold the same messaging. People can sometimes become fixated with fixing their relationship story when actually they need to fix their money story.  

Untangling my Money Story was the most powerful and transformative thing I have ever done! Once I Untangled this relationship, I could NOT believe how long i had been enslaved with my broken money story! 

Month 6:

 Growth, Community & Service

Untangling is an art form.  It is also a life skills process enabling us to neutralize and reorganize our reactive cluttered states.   As we have untangled every room, we have gathered ourselves anew.  We can see into the unknown and generate a new desired outcome. We learn to integrate our daily cleaning into a practice of living.   

As we master the Art of Untangling, we gather clarity of vision.  We connect more dynamically to our personal "Why Stories".   We learn to raise desired states in a meaningful way.  Glimmers of a wonderful life emerge.  Calendar organizing and goal setting become part of our daily living.   

You Have the Power to Design Your Life & Home....As it is Inspired to Be! 

Empower Yourself


MY PROVEN SIGNATURE PROGRAM has helped people worldwide in transforming their hidden, mundane or struggling survival states into ones of thriving, abundance and meaning.  

This program will organize and integrate YOUR clutter in inspired new ways.  We will create not only a new experience of a room, but a new experience within YOUR INTERNAL HOME.  

Please note, this is NOT a program teaching you how to organize your socks in a way that makes them happy, but rather how to organize your internal home in a way where the connection and clarity of discovering your purpose makes you smile.   

Perfection and Clutter are always in an unhappy marriage and can't ever seem to get DIVORCED.  One drives the other into broken, punitive, chaotic and disorganized states.  We must build meaningful connection with ourselves in each room if we want to shift our experiences and relationships!  

It doesn't matter where your life's journey has taken you up to until now

Whether YOU'VE survived and not thrived...

  • Felt stuck or trapped in a loveless marriage, but you just couldn't leave.
  • Sacrificed for years by putting the needs of a spouse, kids, and/or parents before your own.
  • Put off your DESIRES and DREAMS because deep down you weren't sure if you could find them and/or have them.
  • Surviving and NOT thriving in your love life, work life or home life.
  • Just you just beginning your life's journey in making your home for a future and you are a little confused.

Check out other people just like you who transformed their homes from scratch.....or restructured them in life changing ways that expanded their experiences beyond their dreams!  

People are saying:

" Angela's fresh perspective helped me see value and beauty hidden in my clutter. She helped me integrate rigid perfectionism into self-awareness and self-acceptance. The work has elevated a sacred connection with each room in my HOME and within myself. I am delighted by the knowledge and freedom I now enjoy. I envy anyone about to embark on working with her. She is a treasure." 

Jill Williams- California

"Angela McKinney didn't save my life. She did a great deal more than that. What Angela saved was the sum of my existence. And all its possibility. Bound for a homeless shelter, Angela set me free and led me Home- Home to my self- a place for which I'd longed to which I'd never been." 

David Rogers- Massachusetts

"Angela is a gifted collaborator. She taught me tools to challenge my thinking, my emotions and the tangled core beliefs that underlay them. By employing the allegory of Home, she helped me decultter my unhealthy perceptions. This program Home has helped me see through the fog of my old ways, clearing a path to success in achieving goals both large and small." 

Lisa Marshall- New York


I am ready to Untangle My Life & Home!


This program will build: 

  • A dynamic process of thought selection, empowering you to create a new thought experience.
  • A systematic approach to Untangling Limiting Beliefs in EVERY area of your life.
  • A process of De-cluttering your HOME, activating inspiration and meaningful connection, NOT rigid rules.
  • A concrete way to de-clutter chaotic, isolated and survival states.
  • A deep understanding of your operating mindset.
  • A profound new thought process and new-found confidence that keep you on track.
  • A creative process to organize your calendar and enhance your time management.
  • A clarity of vision for clearing and reorganizing your home.   

I have designed this unique program to include the best of my 15 years of transformation and recovery coaching in combination with my wealth and creative building business experience.  

Program Will Include: 

6 Modules 

Week 1 of every month, a new Module will create the monthly framework. Modules will consist of materials, outlined exercises and video demonstrations of “Untangling”. 

6 Workshops

Week 2 of every month, a Workshop will be conducted with your private group through a teleconference call or video skype. This workshop will include 1 hour of private group coaching based on the current module. 

6 Accountability Coaching Calls 

Week 3 of every month a Coaching Call will be conducted with your private group. This call will be 1 hour to support and create accountability. 

Live Facebook Posting 

Week 4 of every month your group will post on Facebook the stories around the transformation of your rooms and your lives. 

Daily Group Interaction

A private Facebook group will be accessible for DAILY contact. I will post Daily inspiration, questions to think about, help create accountability as well as video demonstrations on integrating the exercises. 


  • Upgrade your belief systems around your ability to connect in meaningful ways.
  • Remove any blocks you may have that are stopping you from participating in life more fully.
  • Transform your lack or poverty mindset so that you are available to fully receive and give a life that inspires you.
  • Install new thoughts that support you in creating and organizing a meaningful life.
  • Enhance motivation through activating meaningful thought selection, clarity of goals and actionable steps.
  • Thought Recording, Goal Setting, Vision Work, Paradigm Restructuring, Calendar Building.


You will learn the necessary skills to integrate, expand and build a more meaningful experience into your life.  You will work to gain clarity, define goals and walk through new experiences with more confidence.  


A Private 6 Month Group Program PLUS SIX One on One 90 Minute Skype Coaching Calls with Angela!


Is this the support you know you need?

I have been where you are standing and I know the power of decisive action.  Get support and promise yourself that you won't turn around next year, only to find yourself further from your desires and wishing you would have decided to commit! 

It is your time to ensure your future and LIVE!  

Believing in you,