Everyone has tangled knots.  We don't have to be enslaved anymore.   We learn..



" I was having problems at work:  avoiding, hiding, not contributing, and disrupting staff meetings.  My therapist suggested I work with Angela.   

Angela's Untangling Model shattered my particular blocks and gave me a completely new way to organize for work, life and my home.  

Even through I had a powerful job, I was frozen, isolated from life completely.  I was terrified of being found out, seen, and humiliated. 

The work has allowed me to play in the world, what a relief!  Angela created a space for the most complex disorganized parts of myself to find new ground, plant and grow.  

I am delighted by the knowledge and freedom I now enjoy. I envy anyone about to embark on working with her. She is a treasure." 

Jill Williams- California

"Breaking down life and its peculiar ways into a 3 step process has helped me understand life is a practice. 

Being aware of the trigger, stepping back to access what is really happening, and then moving forward with clarity of action,  I have been created a steady practice of life. 

With Angela's tremendous support, I realize "the practice of life" is an ongoing, living process which beautifully builds upon itself."  

Melissa Smith- New York

"Angela's Untangling Model has created a profound impact on my life.  I find the emotional untangling of a my cluttered, disorganized area powerful and sustaining.   

Each part of my life I've done the untangling continues to inspire and comfort me.

I appreciate how Angela cuts through the perfectionist tendencies and encourages us to keep moving forward no matter where we are at.

The individualized coaching anchored this soul shifting process."

Katie Kurtz- New York

"Angela's Untangling Model changed my life radically.  After decades of struggling with anxiety, I am now free from the suffering part. 

I can't believe how quickly my life shifted from this work.  It is worth every penny and more!"   

Margaret Mitchell- California

"Angela Untangling Model has taught me tools to challenge my thinking, my emotions and the tangled core beliefs that underlay them. 

I was burying my significance with overworking, over grabbing, and UNDER earning.  Angela helped me quickly see my rigid driver was victimizing my entire life.  

Her amazing work with the calendar, time, and critical needs gave me a powerful foundation to start building a new life. "

Lisa Marshall- New York

"Angela McKinney didn't save my life. She did a great deal more than that.

What Angela saved was the sum of my existence. And all its possibility.

Bound for a homeless shelter, Angela set me free and led me Home- Home to my self- a place for which I'd longed to which I'd never been."

David Rogers- Massachusetts

"Angela is a gifted collaborator.

By employing the allegory of Home, she helped me decultter my unhealthy perceptions and embrace every room in my house I untangled.

Her program has helped me see through the fog of my old ways, clearing a path to success in achieving goals both large and small."

Lisa Robbins- New York


“I have been sober 16 years.  I have had an incredible amount of success as a result of being sober but found myself hitting a bottom in my marriage.

Angela helped me identify an old way of experiencing love and connection.   I was swallowed by reactivity, anxiety and disorganization.  I was a victim mess. 

I didn't trust myself or know how to organize well in my relationship.  

By taking detailed time, and applying masterful skill, she helped illuminated a new way to experience intimacy. 

Angela helped give me a road map to meet my critical need for love, connection and significance.   

I am awe inspired from this work and the the space she creates for her clients."  

M. S.- Beverly Hills, CA

"I felt stuck, living small in recovery for over a decade.  I kept working to get it right, fix it or change myself. 

Angela's coaching completely shattered my world and brought forward a new way to belong to my desires, make money and contribute my talents.  

She gave me a framework to understand where I was lost, what I was making up, and what I needed from myself. 

She challenged me to build a new relationship to my money, earning and my life. 

I have a tremendous appreciation for this work.  It is gut wrenching and soul shifting. 

I am experiencing a new way to live and connect with the world."

J B-Short Hills, NJ

"Angela’s Recovery Mindset work created an internal sense of safety for me which was critical. 

Her unique gift of listening, radically accepting and holding non-judgment has paved a new road for me in my life. 

She is a bold and brave woman who inspires bravery in those lucky enough to get to work with her.”   

Neal T- Los Angeles, CA

Clients, please feel add your personal experience, click below:  


Recovery Stories

“After leaving my 22nd rehab, I was connected with Angela.  I was in the midst of another relapse at the time.  Traumatized by all rehab experiences, I left bewildered in utter despair.

Eleven years.  Twenty-two inpatient rehabilitation stays.  Complete enslavement to the self-medication of obsession and alcohol.  A childhood fraught with trauma; a life plagued by incapacitating emotional distress. 

By age 46, I was reduced to living with my mother, sneaking out to steal hand-sanitizer from port-a-johns, and bringing it home to drink.  I was that sick.  After a particularly desperate week-long binge in New York that included six trips to the emergency room, I was bound for a homeless shelter.  That’s when an old friend reached out and said “I think I know someone who can help you.”

That she was even willing to work with someone like me is in itself remarkable.  That she had the patience to continue working with me, but she did.  She was there.  Every single day.  During that time Angela arranged to have me seen by a psychiatrist to be properly evaluated and given proper medication, which had NEVER happened before.  I didn’t know how. 

She advocated for me when I could not for myself.  They arranged proper treatment that aggressively addressed BOTH my alcoholism AND the trauma and emotional torment that drove it.  That had NEVER happened before.

She taught me tools, gleaned from her compassion and her own experience, to challenge my thinking, my emotions, and the tangled core beliefs that underlay them.  That had NEVER happened before.  She reached into the torment of my soul, knew the gaping wounds there, and eased them, soothed them, washed them clean.   

DG- Boston MA

"Angela was and still is a big part of my sobriety. My first 90 days out of rehab were the most daunting of my life, and possibly the most dangerous of my sober journey.

She pulled me into the community, taught me the ropes and became a rock for me in my sobriety, career and life. I'm now almost 7 years sober. My life gets better every day. I am eternally grateful."  


"Angela addressed the practical issues of my sobriety.  

She demonstrated the Hows, Whens and Wheres.. The first year of sobriety was excruciatingly uncomfortable.  The systems, skills and techniques I learned during my first year, continue to work for me years later."    


Family Stories 


"Simply put, I wholeheartedly and without any reservation recommend Angela to people in recovery and/or their loved ones.

By way of background, my brother (age 55) started smoking pot while in high school in the late 1970s.  Over the years, he moved on to various kinds of prescription muscle relaxers and opioids.  He was in and out of numerous rehab programs.  Although he lived with his wife and children, and came to extended family functions, he distanced himself from everyone.

In the summer of 2014, he hit the proverbial bottom and checked himself into another rehab.  After a month of detox, he moved to an extended care program for several months.  When he left, around Thanksgiving, he moved to a sober living home in NYC. 

This is where Angela stepped in.  As hard as detox was, as painful as the extended care program was, and as stifling as the sober living facility felt to my brother, they were nothing compared to the challenge of living in the “real world”.  Addiction stunts growth, and in my brother’s case, his development was stunted when he was a teenager.  There are few people you can literally call a “life saver”; Angela is one.

It is hard to sum up all that Angela has done for my brother and, by extension, all of us who love him, have been disappointed by him, have been hurt by him, and had learned to live without him for decades.  I do not know how to express the awe and gratitude I feel for her.  I have my brother again.  I have my brother because Angela empowered him to “own” and manage his life.  She has guided him on his journey with deep professional knowledge, skill, compassion, determination, and faith in his ability to live in recovery." 
AR, Washington DC