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Come & Get Untangled 



Skills Workshop for Emotional, Mental & Creative Mastery

Monday, June 18, 2018

7:00-9:00 pm

Alchemical Theatre Laboratory: 104 West 14th

2nd Floor,  Between 6th & 7th Ave


This Dynamic Coaching Workshop will provide you with skills to access an integrated growth framework which supports emotional, mental and creative resourcefulness.    

You will learn my 3 step Untangling Method.  Untangling is an artistry which merges neuroscience and art to construct a foundation to expand meaningful connection. 

You will work with a disorganized area in your life to identify the triggering feeling and embedded thought experience.  You will learn how to apply this 3 Step untangling process into your every day living to support helpful organization. 

Mastery only comes through practice.

My mission for this workshop is to create a safe space for people to connect, gather dynamic skills, and walk away with a clear technique to practice.  

This Workshop is appropriate for people who: 

Struggle to connect and live in isolation, overwhelm and avoidance.  

Struggle with emotional regulation and organization.  

Struggle with earning, organizing money and identifying future goals.   

Would like greater confidence, security and mastery in life.  

Would like to experience a new freedom, achieve dynamic assertiveness and build happiness. 


Client Results from The Method of Untangling: 

Your mind will be more focused.

You will gain a greater understanding of your operating mindset.

You will gain confidence as you learn skills to come out of hiding.  

Seating is limited.  Please, secure your seats by purchasing your ticket today! 




Angela McKinney is a nationally recognized mindset, recovery coach and mental health advocate.  She is the founder of Untangle & Thrive.  Her 3 Step Method of Untangling provides an organizing framework to build a thriving life. 

Angela partners with medical directors and psychiatrists to build individualized programs for those recovering from addiction, life changes and trauma.  She leads an annual life skills program to help participants come out of hiding and organize their life in new ways. 

Angela has been seen in Rolling Stone, CBS, The New York Times and The Fix. 

Angela’s personal story of evolution has taken her from barely surviving to beautifully excelling.  She was trapped cleaning houses, earning $11 an hour, addicted to self-harm, anorexic with food, binging on alcohol, and buried in disorganized states.  She integrated her creative resources with her multiple professional skills to UNTANGLE every area of her life and helps hundreds of people every year to the same! Now, Angela has a multiple six figure coaching business, 20 years in recovery, a thriving marriage, trauma free relationships and is a loving mother of 2 wonderful boys!

To learn about my Signature Untangle & Thrive Program: 

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