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Everyone has tangled knots.  We learn…….



Untangle & Thrive is an Integrated Coaching and Behavioral Health Strategy designed to radically shift your paradigm from Survival to Thriving!



Untangling is life transforming. 

Thoughts are neither true nor false, but constructive or negative.   

Untangling is a practice which masters "thought selection" and activates creative resources to expand connection. 


My clients overcome huge obstacles:  they get sober (after many failed attempts), lose weight, leave broken marriages, de-clutter their home and untangle their life.

They learn to make money, build amazing careers, fall in love, organize their time, gather clarity, expand responsibility, set boundaries, restore trust and belonging.   


Lowers emotional stress, overwhelm & disorganization

Removes tangled blocks which bury your significance

Restores trust, making yourself proud

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Mindset coaching activates curiosity around belief/thought systems that are driving present conditions.

Facilitating a paradigm shift provides the client with a new filtering perspective.  

An integrated growth mindset is the most optimal organizing structure for a life of balance, flexibility and meaningful connection.     

PROCESSING new thoughts

IMAGINING possibilities

ACTIVATING meaningful actions

SHIFTING outcomes


My personal story of evolution has taken me from barely surviving to excelling.  

Employing the same strategies that I teach, I transformed my small hidden life of shame into an abundant purposeful life.  

My insights regarding this work have emerged from a life long dedication to better understanding the human experience from multiple lenses.


" I was having problems at work:  avoiding, hiding, and disrupting staff meetings.  My therapist suggested I work with Angela.   

Angela's Untangling Model shattered my stubborn resistance. giving me access to a new way to organize work, life and home.  

Even though I have a powerful job, I was frozen, isolated from life completely.  I was terrified of being found out, seen, and humiliated. 

This work has allowed me to play in the world, what a relief!  Angela created a space for the most complex disorganized parts of myself to find new ground, plant and grow.  

I am delighted by the knowledge and freedom I now enjoy. I envy anyone about to embark on working with her. She is a treasure." 

Jill Williams- California

If you want to be coached by Angela,  you will join our exclusive coaching program.  This is a world class personalized coaching program where you get masterful coaching and application of the finest coaching tools working today.